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"I’m very appreciative of this. This organization made me into the man i am today. Through all the hours I volunteered, it showed me that you need to be thankful for what you have because there are people out there with much less. It also did help me in my recruiting process because when coaches are looking at you, they aren’t just watching your film. They want to know who you are off the field as a person and what you do with your free time." Gabe Brown

"Thank you so much again for the clubs!! I really appreciate it! I admire how much you guys give back to the community and it’s an honor to call you guys family. I had an absolute blast golfing with everyone too." ~ Max 8/2022 

“My experience was good. I learned something new that I didn’t think was going to be cool. Thanks to the United Youth Movement I am able to experience new things and meet leaders of my community.” ~ VOG 16 years old, incoming HS Senior.  8/24/2019

“I could say the United youth movement has opened my mind more about the different things I can do in the future. Now I know what some of the jobs I could apply for if I don’t go to college. And the jobs that are available I had no idea they was there. And some I could see myself doing do to what I like and my personality. This experience has been great, I’ve met a lot of cool people who love their job and has offered a future job for us if we ever need one which is great. I have a whole different mindset and won’t be lost like I thought I would be in the future due to United youth movement.”

D~ 17 y.o. HS Senior 08/15/2019

"The golf mentorship this year was so much fun! I learned more about golf and which clubs to use for the right distance, I also was out of my house on the weekends which is always nice. It was never a dull moment when golfing everyone was always laughing and having a great time :)" ~ Lizzy, 9/2022

“The trip that I went on was great. I learned a lot about how a business works and what it takes to run one. I would recommend going on a trip like that to anyone who is thinking about starting a business to learn what it’s like.” ~ T. Freshman Olympia HS 09/14/2019

“I didn’t really know how important this type of work was until I visited Color Graphics Screenprinting. It really made me appreciate t-shirts more due to the hard work that goes into making them, and also made me realize that I do have more choices in life than just football” ~ Chip 17 year old HS Senior. 08/22/2019

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