“My experience was good. I learned something new that I didn’t think was going to be cool. Thanks to the United Youth Movement I am able to experience new things and meet leaders of my community.” ~ VOG 16 years old, incoming HS Senior.  8/24/2019

“I didn’t really know how important this type of work was until I visited Color Graphics Screenprinting. It really made me appreciate t-shirts more due to the hard work that goes into making them, and also made me realize that I do have more choices in life than just football” ~ Chip 17 year old HS Senior. 08/22/2019

“The trip that I went on was great. I learned a lot about how a business works and what it takes to run one. I would recommend going on a trip like that to anyone who is thinking about starting a business to learn what it’s like.” ~ T. Freshman Olympia HS 09/14/2019

“I could say the United youth movement has opened my mind more about the different things I can do in the future. Now I know what some of the jobs I could apply for if I don’t go to college. And the jobs that are available I had no idea they was there. And some I could see myself doing do to what I like and my personality. This experience has been great, I’ve met a lot of cool people who love their job and has offered a future job for us if we ever need one which is great. I have a whole different mindset and won’t be lost like I thought I would be in the future due to United youth movement.”

D~ 17 y.o. HS Senior 08/15/2019

Lacey, Washington 2019

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