We want to thank our Combined Fund Drive (CFD) contributors for their continued support. With your kindly donations, we at UYM were able to purchase a new laptop for one of our young men, Gabe Brown, who is attending college in Missouri. Right before leaving for college his personal laptop broke, so last minute his wonderful mom let him take her laptop. Gabe put in countless hours volunteering with UYM prior to following his dream of being a collegiate football player and student athlete. Keep working hard towards achieving your dreams and goals Gabe. We are very proud of you!!

"I’m very appreciative of this. This organization made me into the man i am today. Through all the hours I volunteered, it showed me that you need to be thankful for what you have because there are people out there with much less. It also did help me in my recruiting process because when coaches are looking at you, they aren’t just watching your film. They want to know who you are off the field as a person and what you do with your free time." Gabe Brown

Lacey, Washington 2019

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