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2022 summer golf mentor program

"The golf mentorship this year was so much fun! I learned more about golf and which clubs to use for the right distance, I also was out of my house on the weekends which is always nice. It was never a dull moment when golfing everyone was always laughing and having a great time :)" ~ Lizzy, 9/2022

"Thank you so much again for the clubs!! I really appreciate it! I admire how much you guys give back to the community and it’s an honor to call you guys family. I had an absolute blast golfing with everyone too." ~ Max 8/2022 

Group Pose
Mentor Len
Mentor Len
Group Pic
Mentor Morgan and Elizabeth
Mentors Len, Roman and Tony with Eddie
Elizabeth and Hayley
Eddie and Mentor Roman
Mentor Shane
Mentor Tony and Noah
Mentor Morgan
Let's see!!
Group Pic
Mentors Tony, Shane and Len
Mentors Shane and Roman with Eddie
Mentor Roman got a hole in one
Eddie with Mentors Tony and Roman
Group pic
TJ, Vicente and Austin
TJ, Vicente, Enrique and Austin
TJ.   7_2
Vicente and Enrique 7_2
Vicente 7_2
Mentor Morgan and Elizabeth
Mentor Tony
TJ with Mentor Len
Madison with Mentor Shane
Grou pic
TJ 7_2
Peigton 7_9
Roman - Mentor 7_9
Peighton 7_9
Mentor Roman 7_9
Mentor Trevin, Enrique, Eddie and Mentor David
Mento Tony, Vicente and Mentor Len 7_9
Madison and Mentor Roman 7_9
Madison, Mentor Roman, Peighton and Mentor Shane 7_9
Madison and Mentor Roman
Madison 7_9
Enrique, Eddie and Mentor Trevin
Enrique 7_2
Eddie 7_2
Austin 7_2
Eddie and Mentor David 7_2
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