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We are compassionate individuals giving back to society by helping the youth and young adults of our community, by ensuring they have the necessary tools to becoming productive members of society.

We believe every youth and young adult will become future leaders of the world by embracing the importance of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Tony Gallegos, MSW - Executive Director and Founder.

     Originally from Azusa, California, Tony moved to Washington State as a teenager and has been a resident of Lacey for over 25 years. He is a graduate from Timberline High School, class of 1994. Tony has a Master's degree in social work from the University of Southern California (USC). Tony is involved in various volunteer programs within Thurston county. 

     Tony likes to take a grassroots approach on advocating for those who are in need of social services and to empower community members through education and learning opportunities.

Trisha Gallegos - Operations Manager

     Trisha was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in a military family. Washington became her permanent home in 1991. Trisha is a graduate with the class of 1993 at North Thurston High School and she has her Bachelors in Business and Public Administration from the University of Phoenix. Trisha has been a Washington state employee with 2 agencies, over the last 20 years. She is currently a Vocational Service Specialist 3 with the Department of Labor and Industries. 

     Trisha loves spending time with her family and friends. She is most excited to support her husband in his dream of this non-profit organization. She knows we will be a positive support for the youth and young adults of our community. 

Shane Key - Chair

     Shane was born in 1975 in San Bernardino, California. He was raised in Hunstville, Alabama. Being a military kid, he has lived in Maryland, Colorado and Germany. Shane attended Butler high school and moved to Washington State in 1995. His dad was station at Fort Lewis, at the time. Shane later joined the military himself and lived in Fort Irwin, California and Fort Stewart, Georgia. Shane is married, a father of four and granddad to one. 

     Shane worked for the North Thurston Public schools system for 12 years as a para-educator and high school football coach. During this time he also coached with Thurston County Youth Football League (TCYFL). He is currently working for the Stated of Washington. He is excited about joining Tony and his team, in this journey to bring change of hope and excitement for youth and young adults in giving them the connection and tools to succeed. 

Leonard Smith - Co-chair

     Leonard Smith (LenHere!) was born December '78 at Madigan Army Hospital (old Madigan). He has lived in Lacey, Washington his whole life. He attended Evergreen Forest Elementary, Nisqually Middle School and River Ridge High School. His class was the first class to attend this high school all 4 years. Leonard played with TCYFL, where he fell in love with teamwork and he transferred to playing football at River Ridge. Leonard was an 8 time Letterman.

     Leonard has coached in TCYFL for 15 years and he also won a state championship as a coach with Black Hills High School. Leonard is a proud father of two but an uncle/confidant to hundreds of kids. He lives by two codes: "Hold the line" and "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is good men do nothing". 

Veronica Gallegos - Secretary 

     Veronica was born in Southern California and moved to Washington when she was nine years old. She loves Washington and can't imagine calling anywhere else home. Veronica has worked at a local credit union for over 13 years and enjoys sharing her knowledge of financial wellness to whomever is interested.

     Veronica is a proud Tia (aunt) and sister and loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves music, documentaries and football. Veronica is looking forward to being a part of this very important movement. "Today's youth are our future and it's our job to help guide and prepare them for their journey". 

Jason De Los Reyes - Board Member

     Jason was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and his family moved to Olympia, Washington in 1980. He is a graduate from North Thurston High School, class of 1996. Jason currently works as a product support engineer for Intel, which he has been with since 2000 minus 5 years in between when he was the owner of a hardwood flooring installation company. 

     Jason loves spending time with his family, working on house projects, working with kids/teens and enjoying the outdoors. Jason is very excited to be a part of this organization, as he looks forward to helping our younger generation succeed. 

Michelle De Los Reyes - Board Member

     Michelle was born in Seoul South Korea in 1980. Her father was in the Army so she moved around a lot as a kid. She has lived in Washington State since 1992. Michelle went to Meadows Elementary, Nisqually Middle School and River Ridge High School. She has worked for Washington State for 13 years and currently works at the Department of Revenue, as a Management Analyst 3. Michelle is currently attending South Puget Sound Community College, working on her Cybersecurity and Network Administration, Associates in Applied Science degree.

     Michelle is the mother of 4 kids, ages ranging from the oldest who is 21 and her youngest who is 3. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Michelle wants to use this platform to help kids learn there are always paths in life you can take and to help them go on a path that will make them successful and reach their goals.

Morgan Evans - Board Member

     Born in Olympia, WA and graduated from River Ridge high school in 2013. Morgan has been working at a local credit union for 5 years and is knowledgeable in financial wellness and customer service. Morgan has 2 siblings and parents that have all been involved in the community.

     She has grown up being taught to help others when you can. Morgan loves to paint, sing and watch movies with her friends. Her passion is helping others no matter what the need is and strives to share the importance of community. She cannot wait to jump into action with United Youth Movement.  

Marlette Evans - Board Member

     Marlette was born and raised in Olympia, WA in 1989. From a young age, she was enrolled in ballet, soccer and dance. Her niche was in competitive gymnastics for 5 years before she broke her first bone. After the break, competitive AAU basketball was her new home. She enjoyed basketball from 5th grade to her senior year at River Ridge HS, with her mom Terri, dad Joe and her brother and sister; Michael and Morgan. Marlette has achieved awards throughout her childhood and teenage years in academics, sports, and the Y2K movement, She holds two state titles at RRHS for basketball, and many work accomplishments after graduating.
     Along with graduating from RRHS, Marlette has coached along-side Steve Shultz and Gabrielle Wade for four years. Through sports and being a part of a family of involved in our community, she has learned to be a well-rounded person. Marlette strongly believes that we should all do one thing every day that makes us happy, give all that you can, make yourself proud and be proud of who you are.

Lacey, Washington 2019

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